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Eric Electronic Technology (SZ) Co, Ltd.Is a professional supplier of electronic components which was founded in 1997, formally incorporated in 2013. We distribute the world's major brands such as SMD diodes, transistors, FET, integrated circuit IC, crystal oscillator, filter, fuse, inductor, adjustable resistance, adjustable capacitors, high voltage disk, polyester capacitors, thermistors, pressure sensitive resistors, chip capacitors, chip resistors. All the distribution products are mainly from the well-known brands of Japan, Europe, China and other countries and regions.

Meanwhile,our company is also a professional supplier of crystal oscillator, had been registered the brand "HUABAN". Our company has advanced production equipment, testing equipment and a technical team with rich experience in the development of production technology. Series of products: crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, VCXO voltage controlled crystal oscillator, TCXO/VCTCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator), OCXO oven controlled crystal oscillator. Our products are widely used in watches, digital products, automotive digital, mobile phones, Interphone, digital cameras, MID Tablet PC, photovoltaic technology in communication equipments and a variety of frequency control devices.

Select Eric, you choose the professional. Eric has a professional technical team which can provide the most professional technical support for you.We can according to your parameters required to provide the appropriate selection program; We can provide the same type of component replacement program; We can identify the unknown components on the circuit board according to the components screen , code, markup, query marking code. These will provide a helping hand for your research and development.

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